About the Company ars

To complete the offer of AADC GmbH Frakfurt/Main, we offer over the company ars - dangerous advice to the employment of "external adviser" to. We develop with leading packaging manufacturers and customers products tailored packaging solutions with emphasis on developments here packing for Lithium - Battery. Our company also continues to offer all courses ars in the dangerous area. We will translate the entire website in the coming months into english, please be patient.


We offer this service nationwide to customers on the spot. We create and operate process analysis and make our customers aware of possible errors and dangers, we continue to advise you how the process should be designed in accordance with the provisions safer.


We work together with leading packaging manufacturers and our customers products tailored packaging solutions such as for lithium - battery and - batteries, which are known to have a high risk potential. Then, we specialize and serve customers such as Messrs. Li-Tec GmbH Kamenz an Evonik subsidiary.


Adviser and dangerous drivers are required to attend special training sessions and courses with final examination. We, the ars out and your partner companies through the training, testing and causes that you obtain certificates that are recognized throughout Europe.